XXIII Congress of the ISR - Postponed to 2022

The Rorschach and Projective Psychology:
100 Years of Fostering Human Understanding

Because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the Board of the ISR has decided to postpone the ISR Centenary Congress from 2021 to 2022. We expect the Congress to take place at the same venue and in the same time period as was scheduled for 2021. For more detailed information, please visit the Congress website at rorschachgeneva2021.org.

Of course, we hope the coronavirus pandemic itself will be over by next summer, but the consequences of it, such as more restricted travel, people's financial hardship, and nervousness are likely to continue for some time beyond the medical issues, and so the Board was unanimous in its decision to postpone.

However, as 2022 is the centenary of Hermann Rorschach's death, the new date will give us an opportunity to have a double commemoration of both the publication of his "Psychodiagnostik" and 10 cards, as well as his life. This special Centenary Congress is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the past and actively create the future! By chance or by fate we happen to be alive right at this special time, so come and celebrate with us the incredible impact of Hermann Rorschach's work and help us brainstorm how to take his legacy into the future.

Noriko Nakamura,

ISR President